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  • Veins and Arteries

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    Illustration of a cross-sectional view of an Artery and Vein.  The inner section is the Lumen with a Valve only in the Vein.  Surrounding the Lumen is the Tunica intimacy (endothelium), which is surrounded by the Tunica media (smooth muscle and elastic fibers), and finally surrounded by the Tunica external (connective tissue and elastic fibers).

    Cross sectional view of vein vs an arterie

    (Source: OpenStax)

  • Diagram of the circulatory system in the torso of a human. Caption: The body's source of pressure is the heart

    Follows the journey of a red blood cell around the circulatory system to demonstrate the efficient and elegant design of oxygen and food delivery to all parts of the body and the removal of wastes before they can do harm. Shows how the veins and arteries are structured to perform their tasks: muscular arteries to transmit the force of the heartbeat, veins with valves to insure the blood's return to the heart.

    (Source: DCMP)

  • Illustration of a vein blocked by a fatty substance. Caption: then what happens in a stroke or heart attack.

    The heart is a pump, moving blood throughout the body via arteries and veins. Uses graphics to clarify the circulatory system and its functions. Notes the effects of exercise, nutrition, smoking, and infections on this system, and briefly illustrates coagulation, nosebleeds, and vaccinations.

    (Source: DCMP)

  • Close up of dark green leaves with prominent veins. Caption: Nature's inherent design is one of self-sustainability,

    Nourish is an educational initiative designed to open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability, particularly in schools and communities. In this clip, health food advocate Anna Lappé explains how farmers use practices that are sustainable and protect the environment. Part of the Nourish Short Films Series.

    (Source: DCMP)

  • Gloved hand holding the trachea and lungs from a human body. Caption: branches into two smaller tubes called bronchi,

    Shows the human body systems: lungs, heart, and skeleton. Demonstrates the structures of the lungs, heart, and arteries and veins. Explains exchange of gas in the lungs, ventilation of the lungs, and how the heart works as a pump. Also discusses the role of the skeleton in providing support, protection, and anchorage for muscles, the importance of bone marrow, and the importance of calcium in giving strength to bones.

    (Source: DCMP)



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  • Anatomy

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    Collection of anatomy resources

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