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  • A metal spout inserted into the bark of a tree with a bucket hanging to catch the discharge. Caption: will flow freely from the towering trees,

    Host Peter Tonge visits the Weston Maple Sugar Project in Weston, Massachusetts. Shows the process of making maple syrup from tapping a maple sugar tree to boiling sap in a sugar shack. The second part of the program focuses on the basics of planning a garden in late winter. Also explains how to mix and apply liquid fertilizers. Originally aired as an episode of "The Good Green Earth."

    (Source: DCMP)

  • Closeup of a huge pile of kernels of dried corn. Caption: making corn the number-one crop by weight.

    The evolution of the uses of corn coincides with some significant historical events. Throughout history, it has been a staple in the human diet, but in the 1950’s, it became the main ingredient in the meat industry. Farmers used corn to shrink the growth periods of cattle to meet the demand of the consumer. Corn syrup was born from the Cuban Embargo. Today, genetically engineered corn is seen in nonfood products.

    (Source: DCMP)