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  • Person holding a smart phone. Spanish captions.

    Technological development and advances in mobile devices, including the growth of Apps, have generated a technological revolution. Some experts label this as the greatest revolution sin the Industrial Revolution. In this episode, Nerdo Cavernas demonstrates the top 3 applications of each operating system for the most popular smartphones and tablets.

    (Source: DCMP)

  • Diagram of a circular structure. Hyperloop - Etihad Towers Portal. Pod entrance and exit and passenger entrance and exit are marked. 120 Pod gates, 8,640 passengers per hour. Caption: It's a proposed method of high speed transportation

    In this episode, host Mo Rocca highlights the future of fast ground travel via a hyperloop and discusses a smartphone game that also provides an abs workout. Researchers and medical professionals are using a camera to help check for sun damage. Part of "The Henry Ford Innovation Nation With Mo Rocca" series.

    (Source: DCMP)

  • A map with many locations highlighted. Caption: (narrator) The goal is to monitor for particulate matter pollution.

    Mobile computing is accelerating beyond the smartphone era. Today, people wear smart glasses, smart watches, and fitness devices, and they carry smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In a decade, the very same people are likely to wear or carry tens of wireless devices and interact with the Internet and computing infrastructure in markedly different ways. Computer scientist Xia Zhou is working to make sure there are no traffic jams with the increased demand. With support from the National Science Foundation, Zhou and her team at Dartmouth College are developing ways to encode and transmit all that data faster and more securely. Part of the "Science Nation" series.

    (Source: DCMP)