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  • Nose and Sinus Diagram

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    Diagram of a human face with visible sinus cavities that are symmetric around the nose and on the forehead.

    Diagram of the human nose and sinus. Design modalities for the image include braille with and without labels, print with and without labels in greyscale, color, and texture.

    (Source: Benetech)

  • Diagram of a human head with the path from the nostril to the sinuses highlighted. Caption: To get the full benefit of the smell,

    Reviews appetite and hunger. Shows the actions of a salivary gland, the swallowing reflex, and the powerful churning of the stomach as food is broken down and processed.

    (Source: DCMP)

  • An illustration depicts the sinuses present in a human skull.

    In this episode, host Joe Hanson discusses how the human body is full of design flaws. He argues that these flaws are due to evolution and that the human body is still evolving. Part of the "It's Okay to Be Smart" series.

    (Source: DCMP)



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  • Anatomy

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    Collection of anatomy resources

    A collection containing 21 resources, curated by Benetech