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  • Person with a control box in their hands standing next to a short, wide robot with legs. Caption: (narrator) Palmer sees broad applications for these smart legs:

    One of the major challenges in robotics is designing robots that can move over uneven, loose, or unexpected terrain. With support from the National Science Foundation, computer engineer Luther Palmer and his team at the Biomorphic Robotics Lab at the University of South Florida are designing computer simulation models for the next generation of robotic legs, and then building them in the lab. The team studies the biomechanics of animals adept at running on rough ground to program the algorithms that power their computer simulations. Part of the National Science Foundation Series “Science Nation.”

    (Source: DCMP)

  • Computer screen showing east coast of United States with color gradient showing a band of storms parallel to the coastline. Caption: almost 200 tornadoes had occurred

    Tornadoes claim hundreds of lives and cause billions of dollars in damages in the United States. With support from the National Science Foundation, computer scientist Amy McGovern at the University of Oklahoma is working to find answers to key questions about tornado formation. While video from storm chasers and data from Doppler radar can help meteorologists understand some aspects of tornadoes, McGovern uses supercomputers to find patterns in very large datasets. She also works with weather experts to help her sort out the information in the simulations. McGovern’s ultimate goal is to come up with reliable tornado forecasting system.

    (Source: DCMP)



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