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  • Lion crouching low in the grass. Caption: This lion, hidden in the grass, senses an opportunity.

    The natural world is filled with "moments of impact"-the split seconds when animals come into contact with one another and the world around them. Previously many of these moments were too fast or too hidden for us to see. But now new camera technologies reveal what's behind these remarkable moments, and cutting edge animations illustrate the "inside story" of animal bioengineering that allows each moment of impact to take place.

    (Source: DCMP)

  • Spinach leaves suspended from the mouths of plastic bottles over clear liquid. Caption: It was a chance to exercise his innovator's mindset.

    Most people see a vegetable when they see a spinach leaf, but in this lab, they see the potential to create heart tissue. Students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute are training to be leaders in bioengineering, and they are thinking outside the box to develop practical, commercially viable technologies that fulfill critical unmet needs. Part of the "Science Nation" series.

    (Source: DCMP)

  • Person wearing dark glasses. Caption: The next person we visit is a man whose eye was replaced

    Cyborg technology is a revolutionary development in rehabilitation medicine. It allows the brain and nervous system to manipulate specially engineered devices that help people regain the use of impaired body function. Once a dream of science fiction, this revolutionary technology is now becoming a reality. Demostrates a deep brain stimulation that can help stop the violent shaking of victims of Parkinson's disease. Presents two professors from the State University of New York and Duke University who discuss their cutting-edge research.

    (Source: DCMP)