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  • Three beluga whales swimming under water. Caption: Their flippers are used for steering,

    The white beluga whale lives only in the gulf of the St. Lawrence River in Canada. After years of deliberate destruction and exposure to heavy industrial waste, the belugas are an endangered species. Describes the whale's characteristics, behaviors, and unique features. Excellent photography of whales, including a live birth. One man's commitment to changing their environment is making a difference.

    (Source: DCMP)

  • A sea turtle swimming in the water. Caption: but from the moment he saw his first green sea turtle

    Peter Pritchard has seen each of the world's 300 species of turtles, but has a real affinity for the giant leatherback sea turtles on a Guyana beach. His conservation efforts with a local community insure that children learn about the turtles' habitats, behaviors, and characteristics. Watch a turtle lay her eggs and see the newly hatched babies race for the sea. Gives additional pertinent facts about this ancient species.

    (Source: DCMP)

  • Close up of a black insect with translucent black wings and black antenna. Caption: our killer can locate her victims remotely.

    Parasitoid insects are veritable serial killers, and they play a major role in the regulation of insect populations. Scientific research on the lines of a criminal investigation reveals how these killers behave and what remarkable capabilities they have. In basic research, parasitoids make excellent models for behavioral ecology studies. They are also used in applied research, notably for biological control, where they can serve as precious auxiliaries for controlling crop pests. Parasitoids still have many secrets to reveal, and new research avenues are opening up.

    (Source: DCMP)



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